Fashion and Interiors with Centered By Design: Summer Fashion & Rug Tips

Today we are continuing our “Room to Outfit” posts with Chicago-based interior designer Claire Staszak of Centered By Design. If you missed the last posts, check them out here and here! Since it’s finally getting warmer outside, I was inspired to style a breezy summer look, which pairs perfectly with this bedroom that Claire designed!

I also styled this outfit with the thought that sometimes it’s a struggle to get dressed for a professional occasion, or on a daily basis for work, in the hot summertime. Read on for tips on how to dress professionally and chic in the summer. And as far as interior design, have you ever tried to choose a rug for a space? It’s SO hard! And for me, it feels like such a big commitment. Claire as tips for us to make it easier. Phew.

Room to Outfit Inspiration

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Tips for dressing professionally and staying cool in the summer:

1. Stick to short sleeves or a sleeveless option with thick straps, like this denim dress.
2. Bring a lightweight linen or cotton cardigan with you to wear inside, to combat the blasting AC.
3. Cotton is your BFF. It’s breathable and if you sweat, it won’t show as much as a silk or polyester fabric.
4. Top off your look with a straw hat to shield your face from the sun.
5. Closed toe sandals are a chic, polished summer shoe option.
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Tips for choosing a rug from Centered by Design:

  1. Try starting your room design or color scheme with the rug.
  2. A rug is a great place to pull multiple colors and it creates a ready made palette with several color directions.
  3. In this space, both the owner’s photography and the colorful influenced the navy, white, red and gray accents.
  4. When you have a bold rug, it often works well to do a more simple wall color or pattern so as not to compete with the rug.
  5. Sourcing vintage rugs on Ebay, Etsy or flea markets is a great way to find interesting rugs at good prices. Rugs typically appreciate in value, so they are a good investment!

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